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Elevate your card protection with the Dragon Shield 100 Brushed Art Sleeves featuring the explosive "My Hero Academia Bakugo" design. These high-quality sleeves not only provide superior protection for your valuable cards but also showcase the fierce and dynamic Bakugo in action.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Quality: Crafted with precision, Dragon Shield sleeves are known for their premium quality. The 100 Brushed Art Sleeves maintain the high standards set by Dragon Shield, ensuring your cards are well-protected.

  2. Exclusive Artwork: Immerse yourself in the world of My Hero Academia with exclusive artwork featuring Bakugo unleashing his explosive Quirk. The vibrant colors and detailed design bring the character to life, making these sleeves a visual delight for fans.

  3. Brushed Texture: Experience a unique and textured feel with the brushed finish on the sleeves. The texture not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides a comfortable and secure grip during gameplay.

  4. Durable Material: Dragon Shield sleeves are known for their durability, and the Brushed Art Sleeves are no exception. The sturdy material protects your cards from scratches, bends, and other potential damages, ensuring the longevity of your collection.

  5. Optimal Fit: The sleeves are designed to provide an optimal fit for standard-sized trading cards, including those from My Hero Academia TCG or other collectible card games. The snug fit keeps your cards securely in place.

  6. Easy Handling: Shuffle and handle your deck with ease. The Brushed Art Sleeves offer a smooth and controlled handling experience, allowing for precise movements during gameplay.

  7. Pack of 100: Each purchase includes a pack of 100 sleeves, providing ample protection for a complete deck or collection. The generous quantity ensures that you have enough sleeves for various decks or multiple sets of cards.

  8. Officially Licensed: Rest easy knowing that these sleeves are officially licensed My Hero Academia merchandise. The authenticity of the artwork and the quality of the sleeves are guaranteed.


Dragon Shield

Dragon Shield 100 Brushed Art Sleeves - My Hero Academia Bakugo Explode

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